About Findmyguru.lk

Ideas can be born at times that we never imagine. Inspiration comes from sources we never thought of. This is the story of an idea, born amidst a cloud of smoke, on a very regular night, which would eventually clear the path for many. We were sitting in the dark, thinking of light. Anduren Eliyata. How do we get there? What about the hundreds of youth who must be dreaming of their futures at this very moment? How will they get there? How can we help them?

We know that education is the key, and proper guidance is essential. We have talented Gurus around us waiting to share their knowledge, and we have students who are searching for this guidance. How do we bring them together?

We looked around; we saw posters, newspaper advertisements, TV commercials. We also saw millions of rupees been wasted. Students listened to their peers, parents spoke to other parents, and students went for classes and dropped out if they didn’t like it.  

We created a platform that will help students find guidance to achieve their dreams. Students get to find the most suitable Guru for them, and the Gurus get to showcase their knowledge and skills. It’s a win-win.

But the biggest winners are those who will benefit from our program, Anduren Eliyata. Findmyguru.lk will be the fundraising source for this project that aims to support students who are in need.